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Then & Now

EMAX History

EMAX is a rapidly growing company started with the simple philosophy that Marvin Cain instilled in his family and his company over thirty two years ago. “Quality, Integrity and Service” are synonymous with the EMAX name.

The building we first started in!

Our History

From the basement of a Boston, Indiana bank building.

Our Present

…To a 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Emax Compressor

Emax Garage Latest News

Why choose silent air?

EMAX Revolutionary Industrial Plus Silent Air Compressors!   Compressor Noise can cause lots of issues weather its in the work place, private garage or small workshop. Noise pollution is one of the top impacting restraints, in fact its higher than air contamination. Most wouldn’t think noise to be harmful but just a part of day […]

Is your compressor ready for the cold?

  Winterizing your air compressor   EMAX has some tips for you to keep your compressor healthy in these cold months.   The normal conditions a compressor can handle is 41 – 95 degrees without having issues freezing or overheating. It can’t be stressed enough that the compressor needs to be installed in a well-ventilated […]

Is your compressor ready for the heat?

Weathers Changing have you checked your compressor Weathers Changing have you checked your compressor? The season is changing again so our Emax tech’s say it’s a good time to go through a list of checks on your Industrial air compressor. Electricity cost reach peak levels in the summer months, by doing these few checks it […]