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Official Press Release for Emax Compressor Discovery Channel Feature


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EMAX COMPRESSOR TO BE FEATURED ON INNOVATION TV Airing Fall 2016 on the Discovery Channel
Clayton, Ohio: Innovation TV, with Ed Begley Jr. will be featuring Emax Compressor’s new “Silent Air” technology, as well as the history of the company. The Discovery Channel will be airing the episode this fall.
“The EMAX name is synonymous with American-made products,” said Eric Buckley, Producer for the Innovations TV Series. “We are honored to educate the public on the amazing things they’re doing for the American workforce.”

EMAX Compressor is excited and humbled by the opportunity to educate the public not only on our company, but on the importance we put into making a great product and assuring our compressors are meeting the needs of each workplace environment.
The new “Silent Air” series was created to:

  • Cut down on noise pollution in the workplace
  • To improve productivity, morale and overall health of employees.


“We are grateful and honored to be selected as a featured manufacturer by the Innovations TV series. Out of the thousands of possible candidates we’re proud that our new patent pending line of “Silent Air” Industrial Compressors was selected as a featured product on the Innovations series and demonstrates that ALL air compressors should be “seen rather than heard” in the workplace,” said Matt Cain, CFO/President of Airbase Industries & EMAX Compressor.

About Emax Compressor: Emax Compressor was started almost 40 years ago when Marvin Cain pioneered a company that would stand as a benchmark for quality and price in the air compressor industry. Matt Cain carries on his father’s tradition and is taking the Emax name to the next level. “Quality, Integrity, and Service” have always been synonymous with the Emax name. Find us online at