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EMAX History

EMAX is a rapidly growing company started with the simple philosophy that Marvin Cain instilled in his family and his company over thirty two years ago. “Quality, Integrity and Service” are synonymous with the EMAX name.

The building we first started in!

Our History

From the basement of a Boston, Indiana bank building.

Emax Compressor's 60,000 square foot new manufacturing facility located in Clayton, Ohio.

Our Present

…To a 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Emax Compressor

Emax Garage Latest News


How to adjust the pressure on your piston compressor

1) Turn off the compressor and remove the cover from the switch exposing the adjustment nuts. Be sure not to touch the electrical terminals, turning the circuit breaker off is recommended. 2) You will see two nuts with springs under them. The larger one is to increase the pressure clockwise and decrease the pressure going […]


Why is Synthetic Oil better for my compressor?

Why is Synthetic Oil better for my compressor? We get a lot different questions around here and a recent one asked is why do we use synthetic oil? So in this Emax garage article we are going to talk about the differences between conventional oil and synthetic. Conventional oil derives directly from crude oil, it […]


Single VS Two Stage Piston Compressor

Ever wonder what the difference is between a single stage and two stage compressor is? Read our newest article on the differences from our emax garage! What’s the difference Single Stage vs Two Stage   This is a question we get a lot around here. The biggest difference between a single and a two-stage compressor […]